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Mike Huckabee

1) We should continue in this war until Iraq is a stable democracy


Mike Huckabee supports the war in Iraq and supports the surge of troops as "a military means to achieve the political end of sectarian reconciliation among the Iraqis." Although he does not clarify how Iraq will become a stable democracy, he says he is focused on winning and that withdrawal would have serious strategic consequences for us as well as horrific humanitarian consequences for the Iraqis.

On the Issues, Mike Huckabee, the Exploratory Committee

" The Republicans’ First Presidential Candidates Debate," New York Times (05/03/07)

2) Efforts to combat global warming should be increased

"People are waking up to the fact that if we're going to be true to our faith and believe that god is the creator of the earth and we are manager and steward and taking care of it, we've done a lousy job of really taking care of it … There is never a downside when it comes to conserving national resources." — Mike Huckabee

The Hotline as quoted in Governor Michael Huckabee, League of Conservation Voters website, The Heat is On

Regardless of the human factor in climate change, says Huckabee, "it doesn’t release us from the responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. It’s the old boy scout rule: you leave your campsite in as good or better shape than how you found it. It’s a spiritual issue." Asked directly if he believes humans caused global warming, Huckabee says that while he is "not a scientist," he thinks, "we ought to act as if that is the case." He puts a high premium on developing energy independence and alternative energy sources – like the Manhattan project or going to the moon.

Meadows, Susannah "A Would-Be Knight for the Religious Right," Newsweek (web exclusive 03/07/07

Governor Michael Huckabee, The Hotline as quoted in Governor Michael Huckabee League of Conservation Voters website, The Heat is On

3) The federal government should provide a universal health care system


Huckabee says we need to "move from employer-based to consumer-based health care." He would like to put more emphasis on preventive health care and advocates "policies that will encourage the private sector to seek innovative ways to bring down costs." He " value the states’ role as laboratories for new market-based approaches" and "pledges to work with the private sector, Congress, health care providers, and other concerned parties to lead a complete overhaul of our health care system." As governor, he led the nation in reducing the number of uninsured residents through instituting ARKids First for children, increasing the use of HMO's for Medicaid patients, and helping to making health insurance more affordable.

On the Issues, Mike Huckabee, the Exploratory Committee

Mike Huckabee On Health Care On the Issues

4) Same-sex marriage should be banned


As Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee signed into law a ban on same-sex marriages, and he also supports a ban on gay adoptions. In 2005, he and his wife Janet converted their marriage to a Covenant Marriage under Arkansas's "Covenant Marriage Act," which allows couples to divorce for only a limited number of reasons and requires them to seek counseling and wait two years before the divorce is granted. He bases these stands not on a condemnation of homosexuality but on a hesitancy to change institutions "that've governed our society for all the years of recorded human history … a serious change of culture that we don't just make readily or hurriedly."

Livingston, Kari "Mike Huckabee Positioning Himself as the True Conservative Candidate," Associated Content, The People's Media Company (05/16/07)

Mike Huckabee on Civil Rights, On the Issues

5) The civil law should be reformed so that lawsuits are less common and damage verdicts against individuals and businesses are lower


Mike Huckabee supports efforts to cap damage verdicts in civil suits. In 2003, he signed in law the Civil Justice Reform Act that set a $1 million limit on punitive damages in civil cases in Arkansas. He supports efforts at the federal level to limit "frivolous and ridiculous lawsuits that are really making it very difficult for us to be competitive."

Economic Opinions, Online News Hour (with Gwen Ifill, 08/31/04)

"Mike Huckabee's Record on Economic Issues," The Club for Growth

6) The US should increase foreign aid


Huckabee says, "most of the time foreign aid efforts represent a very small portion of expenditure, but it should be limited to purely humanitarian efforts. We should not be made to feel responsible for building the infrastructure of other nations when the infrastructure of our own nation is choking on congested traffic both on the roads and in the air as well as an antiquated system of roads, bridges, airports, water and sewage systems."

"10 More Questions with Mike Huckabee, TIME (04/09/07)

7) Murderers should face the death penalty


"Some wonder how a person so pro-life as me could accept the law of a death penalty. But a death sentence is a result of a lengthy and thorough judicial process applied to a person deemed guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That's far different from one person singularly deciding to end the life of a totally innocent and helpless unborn child. In that case, there is no process of justice, no evidence of guilt presented, no defense for the condemned child, and no appeal."—Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee says that allowing executions to go forward has been one of the hardest parts of his job as Governor of Arkansas but that it was his duty to uphold the law. He reluctantly believes in the death penalty, which he had to use 17 times as governor. Elimination of parole, he says, is no substitute as parole is an important incentive towards rehabilitation.

Huckabee, Mike From Hope to Higher Ground, p. 86 (Jan 4, 2007) as quoted in

Mike Huckabee On Crime On The Issues

"Candidate Huckabee's crime and punishment skeleton," Sentencing Law and Policy (03/09/07)

State By State, Deadline The Movie

Mike Huckabee On Crime On The Issues

8) The government should stop subsidizing farmers


Huckabee, while acknowledging that subsidizing certain commodities must regularly be subjected to review, regards farm subsidies as a useful form of security as well as sound economic and agricultural policy.

Huckabee, Mike From Hope to Higher Ground: 12 Steps to Restoring America's Greatness, New York: Hatchett Books, 2007 pp. 172-173

9) Before the social security system runs out of money, we should increase social security taxes to maintain benefits


Mike Huckabee would ultimately like to see the elimination of all payroll and income taxes in favor of a flat national sales tax. He favors personal retirement accounts and supported Bush's plan, in 2005, to partially privatize social security.

Project on Social Security Choice, Cato Institute

Issues CNN Election Center 2008

10) The federal government should be able to hold a suspected terrorist indefinitely without charging them with a crime


Mike Huckabee's decision not to attend a Baptist Covenant Program Celebration Jimmy Carter was also planning to attend was based on Carter's calling the Bush administration "the worst in history." Huckabee has been a loyal supporter of Bush's foreign policy and the War on Terror. Presumably that would include decisions to hold enemy noncombatants indefinitely, often secretly, without charging them with a crime. Huckabee said his boycotting of Carter's appearance was because President Carter "violated an unspoken code that you don't make personal attacks on others who currently hold the job -- you just don't." Huckabee has made no public statement on the Bush administration's decision to suspend the writ of habeas corpus.

"Huckabee to skip Carter's Baptist conference," CNN Political Ticker (05/22/07)

11) The War on Drugs is a failure and should be curtailed.


Huckabee regards the War on Drugs to be a serious priority. He advocates more federal funding for all aspects of the drug war and calls for more drug treatment and drug courts for users as opposed to incarceration. He has also championed stiffer penalties and sentencing for drug-related crimes.

Mike Huckabee On the Issues On The Issues

Mike Huckabee On Drugs On the Issues

12) America should take stronger and more consistent measures against the presence of illegal immigrants in the United States


Huckabee puts the highest priority on securing our borders and knowing who is coming in and out of the country. He has, as governor, tried to extend health and education benefits to the children of immigrants, irrespective of their legal status. He does not approve of "punishing the children for the laws that maybe their parents have broken." Huckabee supports a guest worker program and a path to citizenship, which should include penalties, for illegal immigrants already here.

"Illegal Immigration - Stephanopoulos Interview" (ABC 02/11/07) as reprinted on Mike Huckabee President 2008

Immigration Issues CNN Election Center 2008


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