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Rudy Giuliani

1) We should continue in this war until Iraq is a stable democracy


"To liberate people, give them a chance for accountable, decent government & rid the world of a pillar of support for global terrorism is something for which all those involved from Bush to the brave men and women of our armed forces should be proud. Bush has also focused on the correct long-term answer for the violence and hatred emerging from the Middle East. The hatred and anger in the Middle East arises from the lack of accountable governments."—Rudy Giuliani 2004 Republican Convention Speech Aug 30, 2004, Rudy Giuliani on War and Peace, On the Issues

Giuliani believes that leaving Iraq would allow terrorists to destabilize the region and to grow strong enough to direct attacks on the United States. He supports the war on Iraq as part of the larger war on terror and also supports the controversial surveillance and interrogation methods that the Bush administration has used as part of this larger war.

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2) Efforts to combat global warming should be increased

Giuliani acknowledges that human factor contributes to Global Warming but believes that the debate "is almost unnecessary ... because we should be dealing with pollution anyway.'' He has not come up with a specific program to combat global warming but advocates energy independence as a means of doing so and also points out that it is a way to shore up homeland security. Giuliani's lobbying firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, has several major energy companies as clients.

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Ex-N.Y. mayor lauds Schwarzenegger in Silicon Valley talk, San Francisco Chronicle (02/13/07)

3) The federal government should provide a universal health care system

Giuliani opposes mandatory universal care proposals as a form of socialized medicine that would only exacerbate the cost of care by putting the system in the hands of bureaucrats. He prefers giving poor people vouchers.

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4) Same-sex marriage should be banned


While believing in legal benefits and domestic partnerships for same-sex partners, Giuliani believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. He does not support a federal amendment banning gay marriage and believes such decisions should be made at the state level. Nevertheless, he criticized New Hampshire's recent civil union bill as going too far in recognizing same-sex unions from other states and in considering civil unions to be the equivalent of marriage.

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5) The civil law should be reformed so that lawsuits are less common and damage verdicts against individuals and businesses are lower


Giuliani, as mayor of New York City, introduced tort reform legislation that would cap pain and suffering awards and limit suits against the city. He also encouraged the purchase of no-fault auto insurance and urged Governor Pataki to maintain limits on how much money could be claimed by lawyers in medical malpractice suits. In 2000, however, he filed suit for damages against two dozen major manufacturers of guns, charging that they were flooding the market with weapons which they knew would be resold illegally in the city. Since then, he has not taken a stand on tort reform.

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6) The US should increase foreign aid


Giuliani has not specifically commented on foreign aid while campaigning for president, but in so far as he believes that the "building of an accountable Iraq will reduce the threat of terrorism," he accepts the concept of foreign aid as an important strategic and diplomatic tool.

Iraq, On the Issues, Join Rudy 2008

7) Murderers should face the death penalty


Giuliani believes that the death penalty is a "justified and effective deterrent for other people doing the same thing." He supports its use in cases of treason advocated using it against John Walk Lindh, the American who fought with the Taliban.

Giuliani favors the death penalty and has advocated for capital punishment for those who commit treason against the United States. He testified in convicted terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui's death penalty trial and urged prosecutors to pursue the death penalty against American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh. Giuliani has said the death penalty is "justified and [an] effective deterrent for other people doing the same thing."

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8) The government should stop subsidizing farmers


Giuliani has taken no public stand on this issue or on agricultural issues at this point. Nevertheless, his reputation for cutting back on government programs suggests that he may have little interest in commodity subsidies.

He is likely to favor specific measures, however, to keep the American food supply safe, secure, and independent and might support targeted subsidies and programs to achieve those ends. "America should not make the same mistake with its food supply as it did 30 years ago with its energy supply," he says and has promised to learn what he can about federal agriculture policy. He acknowledges that American farmers are the most productive in the world and can compete successfully in world trade if the playing field is level. " "You feed us," he told farmers at the 40th World Ag Expo. "You take care of us. Each of us kind of helps the other."

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9) Before the social security system runs out of money, we should increase social security taxes to maintain benefits


Giuliani believes that rising costs and that social security's long-term solvency indicate that private accounts should be considered as part of the solution, though not at the expense of guaranteed benefits. Individual investors would have some say in how those accounts are handled. Giuliani's strong advocacy of lower taxes make a hike in payroll taxes unlikely.

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10) The federal government should be able to hold a suspected terrorist indefinitely without charging them with a crime


Although Giuliani has not made a statement specifically calling for this kind of federal action, he has affirmed Bush's methods for dealing with suspected terrorists and enemy non-combatants. In a reported conversation with Ed Crane, president of the Cato Institute, Giuliani said this was the sort of authority he would want to use infrequently.

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11) The War on Drugs is a failure and should be curtailed.


Giuliani is a strong proponent of the drug war and argues that his successful strategies in controlling the sale and use of drugs as mayor of New York City should be widely implemented. He believes the War on Drugs is as important a concern as international trade and should be a central part of our foreign policy. He has consistently called for exercising more control over the nation's borders. Giuliani has recently come under fire for lobbying the Federal Drug Administration on behalf of the Oxycontin's manufacturer (who pleaded guilty about misleading the public about the drug's risks), while billing $1.1 to the Justice Department for efforts to crack down on prescription drug use.

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12) America should take stronger and more consistent measures against the presence of illegal immigrants in the United States


[Abraham Lincoln] made a beautiful speech in which he said the best American is not the American who has been here the longest or the one who just arrived … It is the one who understands the principles of America the best because we are a country held together by ideas. —Rudolph Giuliani

Santora, Marc and Sam Roberts "Giuliani Shifts His Tone on Immigration," New York Times (04/22/07)

Giuliani's underlying concern, when it comes to immigration, is security. He wants to know who is in this country as well as their exits and entries. Giuliani calls for a tamperproof, biometric ID cards and a database to reduce the pool of unknown immigrants. "If we can shrink that group, then we can find the terrorists easier, the drug dealers easier, the criminals easier," he says. Giuliani also supports tougher border security, a guest worker program, and a path to citizenship for those here illegally providing they pay taxes, a penalty, and learn the English language as well as American history. As mayor, he had an outspoken record of welcoming immigrants and fighting for their benefits and rights.

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